Melanie Jackson

So you want to know about me?
My name is Mel and I am a silversmith, yarn and fabric lover,
creative person and the owner of Element Heart.


I come from a long line of DIY, traveling and material-hoarding
family, with interests in just about any type of art, handmade
trade and craft.
Since I was young I have been surrounded by the notion that anything
one needs can be invented or made by oneself.
This is closely tied to the ever-returning question of ‘what can I
use this for later?’
The joys of growing up with post war low-income earners in Germany!
As a child, what are the chances of being able to witness how
to use tools, a sewing machine or how to put together pocket watches
by their granddad? I consider myself lucky that way.


Born and raised in Bavaria, Germany, I moved to
the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia, a few years
ago in a wild moment of spirituality.
What a free environment to be a creative and arty crazy
person while trying to juggle being a stay at home mum,
wife, own fresh food grower, crafter and new entrepreneur.


It turns out all the skills and the love for
handmade and cooking I learned back in Germany
have come very much in handy now as I try to live
a more environment-conscious life with my family.
And to watch our beautiful little baby girl soul grow
up and discover the world every day.


My goal for Element Heart and its contributors
is to share a bit of what makes me happy and
is close to my heart, with you and your loved ones.
Hopefully by reading on the blog, wearing, using
or giving our handmade treasures as gifts, you
will make yourself or others feel loved.
Very important especially for mums!


If you have any questions or suggestions don’t
be shy to message me through the contact form.
I would love to hear from you. Mel xo